I have Puppies and Adults available. Please see puppy page for more info
Due to the loss of my husband I will not be doing anymore showing. Breeding will ressume in the next few months.
We have done additional genetic test. You can find them listed on the parents page. I have added some possible litters on the puppy page.
We only did 2 shows this year but managed to finish Hyatt's championship. Ginger started her career with a good start as well. Hopefully we'll be able to do more next year.
I have posted new puppy pics as well as some new recipes. We are pround to announce new Champion Lala!
We are happy to say that Ditto is now a Champion and Galina is a Grand Champion. Our new puppy Hyatt has already recieved both his majors by 7 months old. We also have a new litter of puppies.
We are proud to announce that Cassie is now a champion and call out of the bred by class. New puppy pics posted.
We have puppy pics up for the 2 current litters. Go to the puppies page for your Awww fix.
We have 2 new girls just starting out. See them on the parents page, Cassie and Lala. Marshmallow finished his championship in May. We have 2 new litters and another one that is hopeful soon. I will be posting pics in the coming weeks
New puppy pics posted.

Check out our puppy page. The girls have been keeping us busy with some beautiful puppies. We also have a retired girl available.
Joey is a new Champion with all pts out of the bred by class. He is our 11th BBE champion! We now have 25 champions that we bred total. We also finished Yeti who is owned my Karen Shirk and a full brother to our Houdini. Little Cassie did her first beginner puppy comp and go a group 1.
Raven is a new Champion with all pts out of the bred by class. She is our 10th BBE champion!
Penelope is a new Grand Champion. Edgar also received Puppy of Achievement award.
New puppy pics posted. We are ready to start the next show season after a short but busy break
Edgar finished his championship with 3 majors at 9 months old. This made his dad Houdini a Sire of Merit. We have had a very good show season with several wins and many major wins. We are now on break and hope to get things done around home.
We have some exciting news. Galina finished her championship in 2 short months with 4 majors. She won all out of the BBE class and that makes her my 9th one. This makes her mom a Dam Of Merit and 1st two litters are all champions! Razzi has received his Sire of Merit. Edgar won two 5 pt majors and now needs 3 pts to finish. All under 1 yr old.
We had a good show weekend. 4 new babies in the ring and they all loved it. Evie finished her championship with a 4th major! Marshmallow on his 1st show was WD, BW and Best BBE. Many rsw too. We will have new puppy pics coming soon.
We have new puppy pics and older puppies also available as well as a couple adults.
We had a wonderful show year despite me breaking my hip. 6 new champions and 1 that is only shy 1pt. We have added some new additions to our family this fall as well. Spunky has a litter of 2 boys and I have some to retire. Pictures will be added soon. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season.
We have a new champion, CH ET's Curly Sue. She was shown by Shirley Peter for us. Thank you. Shirley also finished a boy from our breeding, CH ET's Bare Necessity. Our puppy ET's East Of Eden "Evie" received her first win. She is a younger full sister to Penelope. Candice has now earned her grand championship thanks to her owner Michelle Navarre. Fun news is we were interviewed by the Tribune in Bismarck and made the front page. 7/7/17
New puppy pics. We have had a wonderful although busy start to the year. Ripley has finished her Grand championship. Houdini has finished his Championship as well as did our new puppy Penelope. We also had the honor of showing ET's Tony to his Championship and Grand Championship. He is owned by JoAnn Dutton. We also put the majors on ET's Candice to finish her Championship. She is owned by Michelle and Dick Navarre. These 2 were bred by us. I also finished Langley a boy owned/bred by Karen Shirk. This is why I am so behind on updates. I also took a wrong step and broke my hip.
There are new puppy pics. We are proud of our newest Champion Ripley. She already has pts towards her Grand Championship. Thanks to Karen Shirk for this lovely girl.
There are new puppy pics. We have a slight break from our busy show season. So far it has been a great season. New champions and a few that are very close to completing their championships. Looking forward to the next shows.
The new show season is starting so delivery of a puppy is available in several states.
New puppy pics added.
New puppy pics added. We also have some lovely retirees available
We have some exciting new litters. View them on the puppies page.
New puppy pics added. Houdini was wd for a major at the last show.
New recipes have been added. My kids really love the Liver ones but they enjoy all
Announcing our newest BBE champion Piper. We had a good show this week. Piper finished,Houdini was wd and bw, Magic had 2 wd and a bw, Ripley was wb and bw and os.
New puppy pics.
New dogs on parents page
New puppy pics.
Announcing our newest champion "Brulee". Also a new champion "Sookie" for Karen Shirk. Spunky has aquired several points towards her grand championship.
New puppy pics.
Announcing our newest champion "Spunky". She finished by going BOB from the classes and then went on to work on her grand championship.
New puppy pics.
New puppy pics. I am behind reporting show results. Piper took another 4pt major and some singles. Now just needs 2pts to finish. Brulee had a few wins plus a 3pt major and needs 1 major to finish. Sookie, a client girl has won 2- 4pt majors and just needs a few pts to finish. We had a fairly good show season although riddled with van troubles. It was worth it.
Flame and Piper each had 3 wins last month. Last weekend they each won a 4pt major. Flame is now a Champion
New puppy pics.
New puppy pics. Poppy is a new Champion. Flame won her 2nd major. Now for a vacation until spring.
New puppy pics.
New puppy pics. Rue is a new champion
Gabby is a new Grand Champion. Repeat is a new Champion. Spunky is major ptd. New puppy pics and litters. New parents pics.
New puppy pics.
Finn is a new Grand Champion.
New litter, adult pics.
New litter and puppy pics.
New litters and puppy pics.
New litters and puppy pics.
New puppy pics. They are growing up..
New puppy pics.
First show of the season and we are proud to announce that Gabby won a 4pt major to finish her championship.
New puppy pics.
We had another wonderful week. MeMe took 2 WB and BW to finish her Championship. Gabby took 3 more WB including a wonderful BOB over specials for a 4pt major. Finn has started his Grand Championship. Pics of Finn and Repeat are now on the parents page.
In 6 shows Gabby won 4 x's including a BOB and 2 rsw. Puppy Repeat in 5 shows had 2 wins including a BOB and 2 rws. Also finished Finn's championship. Twice we received WD and WB. What a week we had! Pics coming soon.
New puppy pics.
We have added a lovely girl to our family of Champions. Her name is Kitty-Ch Canispere's Pure Klondike Gold. View her on our parents page.
New puppy pics. Choo Choo took WD for his first points and a group 2 at a fun match. Baby Spunky got a group 2 in the 4-6 month beginner show at just 4 months. It's been a slow show season as we are hunting majors.
New puppy pics
Announcing our new Champion male Lonny. Thank you Chris Hedberg and Mimi Silveira for trusting us with this precious boy. He is available for stud to approved homes.
New puppy pics
MeMe took 2 WB to single out. Just needs one major. Gabby who just started also took WB.
New puppy pics
New Champion Charm went BOB to finish her CH and a group1 in BBE. She also has a BOB and BOS as a special. Tailor also took a win and is singled out. MeMe also took a BOB. Prince also took a WD. We're home for awhile now until the next show.
New puppy pics
New puppy pics
New puppy pics
New puppy pics and announcing CeCe's litter
We have 2 new litters. See pics and info on puppies page.
New pics of available on puppies page. We have some exciting litters coming this spring.
Oct Charm got 2WB, 2Best bred By and group4.Prince 2 WD. MeMe 2 WB and a major. Taylor 2 WD. View Prince on parents page. We also have a new CH male"Tipton" on parents page.
Charm won a major and another WB. MeMe also got a WB in Sept. New puppy pics. 9/7/11
We have new puppies. Bella x Peter and Lily x Taylor. See their pics on the puppy page.
Taylor took BOB and 3 OS. MeMe won BOB. Charm Won BOB and a Group 3! Sable one OS and a BOB to finish her Championship! 7/21/11
Taylor got 1st 2 wins and went BOB over 2 specials. Sable got 2 WB and 1 OS.
New puppy pics and young adults.
Updated parents page.
It is official. We received our Breeder of Merit cert from AKC and also our medals for Finishing Bella all out of Bred-By. That makes 2 so far. Charm has won her first 2 wins out of BBE now and Sable picked up 2 more wins as well. Pics of Charm coming soon. Also have new puppy pics.6/14/11
Bella qualified us for the AKC Breeder of Merit! More info on that coming soon. Puppy pics of Trixie and Kizzy's babies.
Bella is a new Champion all pts out of BBE. Also took 5 BOS as a special. Pic coming soon. Sable took 3 WB and 1 BW
New puppy pics of Michone's babies. 2 girls and 1 boy
Bella got WB BOS and now needs just 2pts to finish. Peter got WD and BW 2 days and is now our newest Champion.
Bella got WB and BOS for a major in Garden City. New show pics. Michone had 2 girls and a boy 3/23/11.
Back from a busy 4 day show in Denver. Sable got 2 WB and both were majors. Bella got WB for a major, BOS, Best OH with a group2, Peter got WD for a major, BW. Puppy Gabriella(Lily's newest puppy) got a group 4. Pics coming soon.
Bella went winners in Billings
New available puppy pics. Lily, Fran, Trixie pups. Peter took a BOB in Colorado.
New available puppies & pics and available adult
Bella hit the ground running in Denver. See her wins & pics in show gallery. We had a lot of fun at that show and I got to show Smudge as a special and in group. What a wonderful boy he is.